Trip Planning

Whether by water or by roadway there are many considerations and choices you can make when planning a trip along the Hudson River/Champlain Canal.

For Boaters

By water you must remember that canal travel is leisurely, there are speed limits and it takes approximately 20 minutes to pass through a lock. The entire length of the Champlain Canal is 65 miles long and a 10 hour trip. We are located in middle, 4 hours from Troy and 6 hours from Whitehall. A typical 6-8 hour day would take you north to Whitehall and the lower end of Lake Champlain at Orwell, Port Henry and Westport. and south to Waterford, Troy and those facilities south of Albany to the Catskills. For the best information please find The NYS Canal Corp at

There are some great guidebooks available and we would suggest any of those found at:

Marine Navigation Charts are necessary for safe and knowledgeable travel on any waterway. Many travelers have electronic navigation systems today, but should carry hard copy charts as well. We suggest those offered at:

For RVers

By land we are one hour north of Albany and approximately three and one-half hours south to NYC, east to Boston, north to Montréal, and west to Syracuse.

Any road map can naturally get you to us and our address on Ferry St. is also NYS Rt 29. We are off of I-87 east at Exit 14 where you will follow the signs to Schuylerville.

Please note that a few of the electronic navigation systems will take you through back roads and streets. A quick glance at a road map can get you here more efficiently.

There are many RV Guide books available and we suggest:

For Cyclists

It is hard for us to determine your cycling travel times as each cyclist travels a different number of miles a day. If you are part of a club or organized group you likely have this information, but we suggest you look for information and guides at:

Each summer in July the NYS Canal Corp and Parks & Trails NY sponsor an event called Cycling The Erie Canal that spans the entire Erie Canal along beautiful trails and canal tow paths that pass though unique and welcoming villages, towns and cities. We can not stress enough the wonderful cycling experience this is!! It is well organized and each day is specifically planned. While you may not want to ride the canal every year, it is a truly once in a lifetime cycling trip. For info contact: