In the News

The primary magazine that highlights the Hudson River, NYS Canal System and Lake Champlain is “Boating On The Hudson”. It is available free of charge at local marinas up and down the waterways and online at Check out our article in the Feb-Mar 2016 Edition on pg 9.

As other publications feature articles about our region we will either offer them to you here or send links so you may read them online. Until then, we\’d like you to view a few articles that were published many years ago, one that was even 20 years ago! They all promote travel in our waterways and stays here at the marina.

Please note that they are to be regarded as general information only. A couple of these publications no longer exist as well as some of the marinas and attractions. Contact any of these facilities directly before you begin planning a trip.

We would also like you to listen to a Boating on the Hudson Radio Interview that Judy did for “Boating On The Hudson” back in 2005.